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How Art Reproductions Can Be Made And How The Differ From Originals

There has been a resurgence in the popularity of fine art lately, and some of that has to do with the ability of people to own what are called fine art reproductions. These are different from prints, digital prints, and illustrations. But there are a lot of different terms being used these days and it can be a bit confusing. Each different type of artwork has its own price range, look, and source so it’s very important to learn a little about the industry before you start looking, so you don’t get taken and you get what you want. Here are some pointers on the differences between the works and what you might expect.

Did The Actual Artist Make The Artwork You’re Buying?

This is the first question that needs to be asked to separate original art from reproductions. If the artwork was imagined, designed, and painted by the original artist then it is, in fact, an original piece. On the other hand, if it wasn’t, then it is some kind of reproduction. That’s the first separation that needs to be made.

A print is usually made from a etched or carved surface and then ink is applied. After that, many prints can be made until the etched surface degrades. This can be done by hand or by machine, either using the 1st art gallery original artists design or a reproduction of the original artist’s design. What is considered the original, is really the etched or carved surface that is used when making the prints.

There is usually a limited number of prints that can be made from the template that is used and that makes these “limited editions” since there won’t be any more prints made from that template once it has become unusable. Since there is a limited number, then these can sometimes bring higher prices than reproductions because technically, reproductions can continue to be made indefinitely. However, the amount of hard work that goes into one, or the other, and the notoriety of the artist, can all come into play in pricing both types of artwork.

Exactly What Are Reproductions And How Are They Made?

Any copy of an original is going to be considered a reproduction. However, there are various qualities of reproductions that need to be considered when you’re discussing price. Anytime the original artist is not involved in the making of the artwork then it is considered a reproduction. Nowadays, it’s possible for a highly detailed digital image to be made of almost any type of art and then reproduced almost exactly, right down to the brush strokes, colors, everything.

They can be made larger, smaller, or almost any size that the buyer desires and be placed on many different types of surfaces as well. There are many different levels of quality and definition that can be done in this type of reproduction so the prices will vary based on that. However, the technology to take the scans has improved exponentially as has the ability to send a file with all that data to any part of the world in just a few seconds.

Then, on the receiving end, the ability to 3D print the reproductions has also gained in detail while the price has continued to drop. It’s quite possible that in the future people will be able to visit a gallery and choose any number of art reproductions reviewed and have them reproduced in any size, ready to take home in just a short period of time. In addition to that, due to the internet, the data files that are made from the scans of the originals, will eventually be leaked, either for sale cheaply, or posted online for free. Then, nearly anyone with a high quality printer will be able to own the best reproductions, nearly perfect, of all the known artists of all time.

This hasn’t happened yet, but it is similar to the music industry of a few years ago where music files became available for nearly every song every recorded. Then, anyone with a CD printer could copy the file and own the music illegally.

It is believed by many experts that art is on a path nearly identical to the music, TV show, and movie industry. Soon bootleg files will show up on the internet and millions will copy them in order to print their own reproductions of very high quality to hang in their homes.