Reasons Why You Need SEO before 2019

As a website or business owner in today’s competitive landscape, it is more important to invest in SEO than ever before. There are plenty of reasons you want to be sure to invest in your SEO efforts. Below, we will mention some of the primary reasons you want to be investing in SEO.

Reasons To Invest In SEO:

1. Your Competition.

The main reason you are going to want to be sure to invest in your SEO efforts would be due to your competition already doing it. Your game is already actively investing in an SEO Agency. Because of this, they are gaining within the search engine ranks. This alone is going to contribute to market share loss on your behalf because they will be driving more organic traffic directly to their website. You need to be investing in your optimisation because you want to push the organic traffic to your site instead.

2. It’s Cost Effective.

As various marketing methods increase in price, it is more important than ever before to invest in marketing strategies that offer you high levels of conversions and different marketing strategies like search engine optimisation which will effectively reduce the total cost that you are forced to spend. By decreasing the total amount of money that you are forced to pay on your marketing efforts, you will be able to maximise your return on investment.

3. It Drives Free Traffic

It is true that SEO does take a bit of time to gain a competitive edge over your competition and especially over your competition who have already been investing in their current digital marketing strategy. Starting now and obtaining a first-page position in the search engine ensures that you will have countless amounts of traffic coming into your website at no extra cost. This is much different to what is considered PPC as you are paying for every single entry into your website which is a short-term strategy.
Other than the costs of your own SEO strategy, the traffic that enters each month is essentially completely free!

Overall, there are so many reasons you want to be sure that you are spending a whole heap of time in maximising your SEO efforts. Not only to improve your market share relative to your competition but also to put your business in a position to succeed in today’s competitive climate. You need to drive organic traffic to your website to achieve in today’s search engine dominated the marketplace.

Importance of SEO & Digital Marketing

SEO isn’t difficult to track with the suitable search engine optimization internet advertising company services. Search engine marketing is quite important especially once you consider the simple fact that the majority of the fantastic online traffic comes from organic search engine benefits. Initially SEO will help in providing you sales but in the future it’s your goods and service that you supply to the end customers that matters. Newspaper SEO and internet news is increasing in popularity each and every day.

When you rely on your site to get in contact with your intended market, then SEO is crucial for your company. If you don’t create your site correctly you’ll be wasting your time. Without the perfect search engine marketing consulting, it may be hard for a site to stay afloat in the choppy waters of the web. A web site is utilized to improve visibility of your merchandise. You might have a site or a company on the web, but it isn’t of any use if it can’t be found in the result pages.

Search engine optimization is an inbound system of marketing that makes it very cost-effective as you only have to shell out only a generous quantity of money to generate more leads. Search engine marketing is among the main aspects of internet design a business can do. SEO has now come to be a significant for every single sector of the industry as almost nearly all the populations are extremely active on various social networking platforms today. Besides that, SEO is a vast and complicated subject and it’ll take the typical person years simply to learn and master the fundamentals. SEO for beginners that’s short for Search Engine Optimization is basically a kind of web design which uses search engines to drive visitors to your site.

Your search engine marketing Consultant can help in raising the customer visitors to your site. Overall, SEO consultants help in quite a few approaches to catapult a site to prominence with the appropriate application of techniques in a timely fashion. Search engine optimisation consultants (SEOs for short) face a difficult challenge when faced with attempting to break into an already competitive field on the web, or by optimizing a present website to do during its best.

If you’re wondering what type of search engine optimisation services a great search engine marketing company may provide for you, here are a few instances. Nobody can deny that it’s a critical part of search engine optimisation services. Now if you’re willing to submit an application for the search engine optimisation services and watch for profits go ahead with it and produce the difference. By this means that you can wind up with a few inexpensive search engine marketing services suitable to your company and the site.

An SEO Company offering such search engine marketing techniques follows the right guidelines which are accepted by the various search engines and don’t have any fraud involved with them. A great search engine optimization company will recognize your need for this, and will make a campaign to deal with your wants. It will be able to provide you with SEO services like these and a whole lot more. Search engine marketing companies recognize the significance of these sites and they are easily able to utilize them to your benefit. With the significance of SEO rising day by day for companies and internet businesses, SEO companies providing dependable and dependable search engine optimisation services have gotten relevant in the current times.

Key SEO Trends In 2018

Key SEO Trends 2018There are many different SEO trends you need to be aware of this year. In this article, we are going to briefly highlight some of the most important ones.

Voice Search

Voice search is certainly growing in popularity each month as more people are buying home devices like the Amazon Echo that uses voice input to search the web. Optimizing content for voice search requires including a lot more questions and long tail keywords. Keep in mind that people speak faster than they type, so they are bound to search for longer phrases. Voice data also often includes questions, as people feel more comfortable saying, for example, “What are the top ten best-rated horror movies from 2017?”, as opposed to “horror movies 2017 top 10”.

Domain Security

Website security certificates will have an impact on SERP rankings this year. Browers now displays red warning messages when users try to visit websites without HTTPS addresses and SSL security. Consequently, if you haven’t yet done so, it’s time to install an SSL certificate on your websites’ domain. Otherwise, Google may penalize your rankings on results pages.

Searcher Intent

Google’s AI is getting better at predicting a searcher’s intent based on a range of different factors. The search engine operator aims to show searchers the most relevant results possible to their query. As the AI is getting more sophisticated, however, website owners can no longer rely on traditional ranking factors and short keywords to increase their SERP rankings. You, or your SEO company, need to optimize content that will be prioritized for offering additional information that is still highly relevant and related to key search queries.

Rich Snippets

Google continues to experiment with new features on results pages, such as schema, answer boxes and snippets. So, you need to make sure that you use as many new tags as possible on your web pages.

Geo-Targeted Search Results

Personalized geo-targeted results are becoming more and more accurate as more searchers transmit location data to Google via their smartphones. Online businesses that operate independently of location may find it hard to optimize for local search results. However, local SEO is very important in 2018. Just including the names of key cities in the footer of your website can help to increase rankings on geo-targeted results pages. Unfortunately, it can be hard to keep track your website’s rankings for keywords on local SERP.

Video SEO

It is thought that by 2021, video content will account for over 80% of all domestic consumer internet traffic. This means you need to start ranking for video content. Did you know that YouTube is the web’s second most popular search engine? If your online business is not yet showing up in video search results on YouTube, it’s time to create a business YouTube channel and start investing in video content. You also need to optimize your videos for search engines, by using the right keywords and tags in the title and description boxes.

Mobile Search

In 2018, if your website is still not optimized for viewing on mobile browsers, you could see your SERP rankings severely impacted. Google’s ranking algorithm now places huge weight on mobile experience when ordering websites in search results. Even desktop searchers now see mobile first prioritized search results. You can choose to use a responsive website design or invest in a separate mobile site. Responsive websites, however, are much easier to maintain.

On a final note, the search engine industry is evolving at a very fast past. SEO techniques that work in 2018 may be redundant at the start of 2019. Therefore, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest industry developments and constantly adapt your SEO campaigns. This Facebook page is a great way to get the latest updates.

This company is a top digital marketing agency to turn to for advice on this subject and many more in the online world.

Dublin SEO Services

Digital Marketing Trends For Business Owners

The best digital marketing tips can turn a small business into a big business. While you indeed want to take things a step at a time, you could certainly use all the help with advertising, am I right? That one viral social media post could bring a lot of attention your way. You don’t have to go viral to succeed in terms of marketing your small business. Think about these digital marketing tips and how they might help you as a small business owner.

Before you start launching a huge social media campaign or creating the best video content, think in terms of building blocks. You need to examine your foundation. If you are a brick and mortar business, that is your foundation, but we are talking about digital marketing platforms here. That being said, everything starts with your actual website. You build your web of a presence from there in terms of digital marketing.

When you look at your website through the lens of a customer, what do you see? Do you see a site that is going to appeal to your base? You can’t skip over the basics and land shots from downtown so to speak if you don’t have a solid website in place. You need to think in terms of branding, logos, SEO link building and of course the user experience. How could you make your website a better landing page for consumers? See the full guide at Ni SEO Company.

If you think about it, that’s where they are all supposed to be headed, so you need that proper foundation in place first. Then you can check out all of the latest digital marketing trends that can help you as a small business owner. Local SEO is one of those trends, and it also has everything to do with setting up your website. Big search engines are giving preferential treatment to sites that prioritize local SEO.

Content marketing in all forms and fashions is another trend for small business owners. With the proper foundation in place, you can create blogs, feeder sites and more and start pursuing content marketing with a passion. Fill those needs. Provide content, both written and visual in the forms of images and videos, that your customers can use.



Make sure you have all of your social media platforms in play, too. Always be on the lookout for the latest social media trends in your niche in relation to digital marketing. You take this type of approach in 2018, and you will be moving on up as a small business owner.

Why You Need A Professional SEO Company

SEOIf you’ve spent any time trying to do business on the internet, then you have an idea of how important proper marketing is. You also know that marketing online isn’t the same as marketing in the physical world. Traditional marketing allows you to do things that marketing on the internet doesn’t, giving you a wider variety of options.

Unfortunately, it also gives you a smaller number of potential customers. People simply don’t search for businesses and services the way they used to. Gone are the days of the phone book. Newspaper and magazine ads are becoming less useful every year. Even television is beginning to go the way of the dodo. Given all of that, it’s really no wonder people are turning to internet marketing and search engine optimization.

However, you also need to make absolute certain you’re hiring the right people for it. We recommend the best SEO Consultants in Canada: SEO Cambridge Ontario

Why You Need A Professional SEO Agency

Many companies try to do SEO work in-house. For large companies, this may work. A skilled marketing department can generally make a respectable attempt at setting up an optimized marketing campaign. However, a respectable attempt isn’t the same as doing it well. And if you don’t have a skilled marketing department or your marketing department consists of one or two people, then you’ll never get everything done.

This is because SEO tactics involve more than simply shoving the right keywords into your website and calling it a day. Even with social media marketing you have to do more work than simply maintaining an account. Proper search engine optimization involves a lot of things beyond just putting a few ads out into the internet. And it especially involves more than hoping and praying people following your social media accounts will decide to spread around your links!

Proper Use Of SEO Tactics

Step one in proper search engine optimization is a properly designed website. Do you have someone on staff who can design a website? This requires more than simply having a website. A huge amount of attention has to be paid to things such as functionality and content. Google (the most widely used search engine by far) has an algorithm that fights against SEO tactics such as keyword stuffing and link-hiding.

Step two is understanding how back links and affiliate links work. The more websites that link to your website, the higher your site rises in the search results. But not just that, the sites that link back to you have to be highly ranked, as well. If they’re not then you won’t get much use out of those links. It might even wind up hurting you if the other websites are particularly lackluster.

Those are just two basic examples of how much work is involved in proper search engine optimization. It really is a full time job, and not something that can be done for a few hours as part of a wider array of responsibilities. So if you really want to properly advertise in today’s world, then you need to hire a SEO agency. Otherwise you simply don’t have any hope of success.

Search Engine Guide

What Is A Search Engine?

A search engine is basically a website that allows a search phrase, otherwise known as a query to be entered into a search box. The search engine, upon processing the query will return a results list. The result is a list of websites that contain textual content relating to the query entered. More advanced search engines allow the options to be specified when performing a search. For example, specifying that only websites that contain your query within the page title might be returned.

Most people that use the Internet for shopping, finding information, etc will use a search engine. For this reason, as a webmaster, it is imperative that you understand how search engines work and fit in with Internet marketing techniques.

How To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Modern search engines take two primary points into consideration when ranking your website.

  • Your site content
  • Your site popularity

Others factors exist, but these are the main two you need to consider.

Website content

Search engines love websites that contain informative content and lots of it. Every search engine optimisation expert in 2017 knows this! Your website should concentrate on a single theme with some additional related content. Try to add as much meaningful content to your site as possible. Search the Internet for related articles and add them to your website – obtain the author’s permission first of course. If you can’t find any articles then write your own as described earlier and place them on your own site as well.

Many E-Commerce stores fail within the first 6 months due to a poor search engine ranking. Typically, this is due to the fact that they have very little content on their site. Yes, you can spend vast amounts of money advertising through search engines etc but once your advertising budget is depleted then what? Essentially, you have bought your targeted traffic not earned it and there is a difference!

Website popularity

This is the big one and probably the most important website promotion mechanism!

Most modern search engines rank a site according to its popularity. How do you gain popularity?
By having other websites link to your own. This is known as link popularity and is the most effective long-term marketing strategy. It is also the slowest to build! Most of the techniques described earlier will improve your link popularity. Consider articles for example. Say you submit your article to Your article contains a link back to your own website. Hey presto, now has a link to your website. Classifieds follow the same idea.


Building your online business is a hard but rewarding task. It is much harder now to succeed online but it is still possible if you keep at it on a regular basis. Build your business on a daily basis by adding fresh website content and promoting your website.

Bug Spray How to for Linemen. UPDATED

With the increase in West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease, most Linemen are choosing to wear bug repellant.  

Here is a good analysis on how to use the two main weapons:

Deet and Permethrin.


Permethrin (HEAR IT: Permethrin) should only be used to treat clothing, not skin.  Skin deactivates it within 20 minutes anyway, so it will not help.  Also, permethrin is a neurotoxin and is regulated by the EPA (like other pesticides), so following the safety precautions is very important.  Permethrin is supposed to repel mosquitoes.  This is true if the person is wearing head to toe treated fabrics.  In practical use, however, Linemen rarely wear that much permethrin treated clothes.  Also, it appears that Permethrin does not bond well to many FR fabrics.  So Linemen will end up needing to supplement the protection with DEET or another mosquito protection product.  The other claim of permethrin is that it repels and kills insects that come in contact with the treated fabric.  This is a true statement.  This is why Permethrin is so effective against ticks!  The most important places to spray with permethrin are pant cuffs, Pant waistband, boots, socks, sleeve cuffs and collar. 

If the user decides that tick protection is important enough that they want to treat their garments with permethrin, we recommend that they spray water based permethrin (non-aerosol) on clothing for tick protection. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!!!  This decision to protect against Lyme disease must be weighed in light of the possible long-term negative effect of Permethrin.  As stated earlier, it is not very effective against mosquitoes.   Also, most single layer FR fabrics are thick enough to deter mosquito bites (layered solutions work even better).

Here is a link to a water based, Trigger Spray permethrin product that is designed for Utility workers.   Rainbow

Here is a link to a water based, Trigger Spray permethrin product designed for the Outdoor market.   Sawyer

Deet protects exposed skin, and is great for repelling mosquitoes, but it causes rubber (a.k.a. Lineman gloves!) to become brittle, and can be flammable if applied to fabric, so we recommend that Deet only be used on the neck, face and ears.  You should roll down and button sleeves to protect arms.
(Note: Do not use spray-on deet. It is too sloppy, can be very flammable, and will end up in places where it can cause problems. Towelettes without alcohol are best.  Wash off your hands before working with rubber gloves or sleeves.)

Theres some evidence that deet applied to skin can cause the skin to absorb permethrin (from treated garments that touch the deet treated skin) and this has been linked to Gulf War Syndrome.   The main elements that were discussed (in this Gulf War Syndrome study) were Permethrin/Deet, vaccines administered to provide defense against biological weapons, and severe stress. There was some speculation that these elements worked in combination to cause the various health issues for the troops.

West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease are serious health concerns for most linemen.  However, wearing Deet on your skin and Permethrin treated garments 5 or 6 days a week for 15 to 20 years could cause other long term issues.  For that reason, we recommend using these two chemicals only when there is a real need for them.  Obviously, working in an area affected by the West Nile outbreak is one of the times.

So Permethrin is great for ticks and Deet is very effective for mosquitoes.  Since there are potential health issues associated with long term use of these products, what should you do for daily protection?

Riverside cannot recommend any solution as being totally safe to wear everyday. Companies that need to protect their workers must do their own research and arrive at a solution that they think is the best option for their particular hazards. We think that end-users should understand the risks and should do their own due diligence (and application) and they explore natural alternatives where possible.