Key SEO Trends In 2018

Key SEO Trends 2018There are many different SEO trends you need to be aware of this year. In this article, we are going to briefly highlight some of the most important ones.

Voice Search

Voice search is certainly growing in popularity each month as more people are buying home devices like the Amazon Echo that uses voice input to search the web. Optimizing content for voice search requires including a lot more questions and long tail keywords. Keep in mind that people speak faster than they type, so they are bound to search for longer phrases. Voice data also often includes questions, as people feel more comfortable saying, for example, “What are the top ten best-rated horror movies from 2017?”, as opposed to “horror movies 2017 top 10”.

Domain Security

Website security certificates will have an impact on SERP rankings this year. Browers now displays red warning messages when users try to visit websites without HTTPS addresses and SSL security. Consequently, if you haven’t yet done so, it’s time to install an SSL certificate on your websites’ domain. Otherwise, Google may penalize your rankings on results pages.

Searcher Intent

Google’s AI is getting better at predicting a searcher’s intent based on a range of different factors. The search engine operator aims to show searchers the most relevant results possible to their query. As the AI is getting more sophisticated, however, website owners can no longer rely on traditional ranking factors and short keywords to increase their SERP rankings. You, or your SEO company, need to optimize content that will be prioritized for offering additional information that is still highly relevant and related to key search queries.

Rich Snippets

Google continues to experiment with new features on results pages, such as schema, answer boxes and snippets. So, you need to make sure that you use as many new tags as possible on your web pages.

Geo-Targeted Search Results

Personalized geo-targeted results are becoming more and more accurate as more searchers transmit location data to Google via their smartphones. Online businesses that operate independently of location may find it hard to optimize for local search results. However, local SEO is very important in 2018. Just including the names of key cities in the footer of your website can help to increase rankings on geo-targeted results pages. Unfortunately, it can be hard to keep track your website’s rankings for keywords on local SERP.

Video SEO

It is thought that by 2021, video content will account for over 80% of all domestic consumer internet traffic. This means you need to start ranking for video content. Did you know that YouTube is the web’s second most popular search engine? If your online business is not yet showing up in video search results on YouTube, it’s time to create a business YouTube channel and start investing in video content. You also need to optimize your videos for search engines, by using the right keywords and tags in the title and description boxes.

Mobile Search

In 2018, if your website is still not optimized for viewing on mobile browsers, you could see your SERP rankings severely impacted. Google’s ranking algorithm now places huge weight on mobile experience when ordering websites in search results. Even desktop searchers now see mobile first prioritized search results. You can choose to use a responsive website design or invest in a separate mobile site. Responsive websites, however, are much easier to maintain.

On a final note, the search engine industry is evolving at a very fast past. SEO techniques that work in 2018 may be redundant at the start of 2019. Therefore, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest industry developments and constantly adapt your SEO campaigns. This Facebook page is a great way to get the latest updates.

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