Search Engine Guide

What Is A Search Engine?

A search engine is basically a website that allows a search phrase, otherwise known as a query to be entered into a search box. The search engine, upon processing the query will return a results list. The result is a list of websites that contain textual content relating to the query entered. More advanced search engines allow the options to be specified when performing a search. For example, specifying that only websites that contain your query within the page title might be returned.

Most people that use the Internet for shopping, finding information, etc will use a search engine. For this reason, as a webmaster, it is imperative that you understand how search engines work and fit in with Internet marketing techniques.

How To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Modern search engines take two primary points into consideration when ranking your website.

  • Your site content
  • Your site popularity

Others factors exist, but these are the main two you need to consider.

Website content

Search engines love websites that contain informative content and lots of it. Every search engine optimisation expert in 2017 knows this! Your website should concentrate on a single theme with some additional related content. Try to add as much meaningful content to your site as possible. Search the Internet for related articles and add them to your website – obtain the author’s permission first of course. If you can’t find any articles then write your own as described earlier and place them on your own site as well.

Many E-Commerce stores fail within the first 6 months due to a poor search engine ranking. Typically, this is due to the fact that they have very little content on their site. Yes, you can spend vast amounts of money advertising through search engines etc but once your advertising budget is depleted then what? Essentially, you have bought your targeted traffic not earned it and there is a difference!

Website popularity

This is the big one and probably the most important website promotion mechanism!

Most modern search engines rank a site according to its popularity. How do you gain popularity?
By having other websites link to your own. This is known as link popularity and is the most effective long-term marketing strategy. It is also the slowest to build! Most of the techniques described earlier will improve your link popularity. Consider articles for example. Say you submit your article to Your article contains a link back to your own website. Hey presto, now has a link to your website. Classifieds follow the same idea.


Building your online business is a hard but rewarding task. It is much harder now to succeed online but it is still possible if you keep at it on a regular basis. Build your business on a daily basis by adding fresh website content and promoting your website.